Whether you want to build one from scratch or buy one already potted, Sprout Home can help you with all your terrarium needs. We also offer classes and private terrarium lessons. Take a look below to see some of the work we’ve done.

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PUBLIC CLASSES: We will demonstrate the steps for building an open terrarium, including planting mediums, plants that work together, and maintenance. Registration is $50 per guest. Pricing includes a small, standard terrariumas well as potting materials and a set of coordinating plants – options will allow for arid, sunny environments or for lower light situations. Classes run approximately 1 hour. Check out the class schedules at our Chicago and Brooklyn locations for upcoming Terrarium classes.

IN STORE: If you would like some individual attention, we can schedule a private class for you and your party. A private class includes an option for a larger terrarium than is available in the public class. Private classes are store specific. Please reference each for further details: Chicago or Brooklyn. Classes run approximately one hour.

OFFSITE:  We will come to you! Our private terrarium classes can be brought to your home or business. Perfect for parties and events. We will bring a selection of plants, containers, and decorative supplies from our store for you and your guests. The off-site private terrarium classes are also store specific: Chicago or Brooklyn. Classes run approximately 1 hour.

BROOKLYN: To schedule a private class, please contact Logan at nyinfo@sprouthome.com or call 718-388-4440

CHICAGO: To schedule a private class, please contact Stephen at info@sprouthome.com or call 312-226-5950

$35 – $55

$60 – $100

$105 – $175

$200 – $350