Self Watering Delta 20 Planters

Self Watering Delta 20 Planters from $40.00

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Do you have a hard time remembering to water your plants? Having a green thumb is usually a matter of time, and these Delta 20 planters are just the thing for those with a fast paced life style.  Each container uses a innovative sub-irrigation system that allows a water wicking rock to help keep your plants stay watered for up to 8 weeks (depending on plant size and location) for optimal growth. They are perfect for multiple plants (think kitchen counter herb garden) or multiples of the same type of plant (go repetition). The red and white and purple have a high gloss finish while the orange has a low luster matte finish. There's no more plant sitters when you go on vacation or excuses for being bad at remembering to water, these planters have you covered!

Size: 16"l x 6"w x 7"h

Colors Available: Red, Orange, White, Purple, Charcoal



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