Hanging Glass Oval Orb and Teardrop Orbs

Hanging Glass Oval Orb and Teardrop Orbs from $17.25

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We like the shape of these and we love to plant in them.  They also look classy with a nice simple tillandsia dropped inside. Small Teardrop and Large Teardrop are the two sizes available in the teardrop shape, only one size of oval. We have been dropping all kinds of small goodness inside of these: shells, precious minerals,  preserved moss.... you get the point. Versatile!  Each style has a hook at the top for your hanging convenience.  Even after planted they are very light, so fishing line or natural twine works nicely. Excellent mini terrarium piece.

Large Teardrop measures-9"h x 5"d, and the opening is 2"d

The Small Teardrop measures- 7"h x 4"d, with a 2" opening.

The Oval Measures- 6"h x 3"d, it's opening is 1.5"d.

All terrariums ship empty, not planted.


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