Bisque Finished Porcelain Vases

Bisque Finished Porcelain Vases from $9.75

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Nine different amazing pieces.  These matte finished fully fired porcelain vases are not only ready for your floral looks, but they look so nice as stand alone objects.  The are glazed on the inside, so water won't work it's way through the pieces.  So drop that Liatris stem in with no worry, it'll look great.  The everyday looks of a what these bottle shapes are based on is what makes these porcelain pieces so nice to look at.  There is a connection to common forms that really work with these well done artful vases.  The designers say they "celebrate the traditions of Chinese porcelain and create new objects both subtle and elegant",  and we like the sound of that.

From the designer, Miss Foekje Fleur van Duin from Holland. "Our modern throw-away society still produces objects of beauty and permanence - you just need to know where to look. In this new Bottles series, trash from the canals of Rotterdam, Holland is redefined as something worth keeping". This makes sense.


All vases are available in just One color. Some vases in the series pictured have sold out.

Sage Green Motor Oil Bottle Vase- 11"h x 4.5"w x 2.5"deep

Ocean Blue Ribbed Bottle Vase- 11"h x 3.5"d

Denim Blue Detergent Bottle Vase- 9.5"h x 5"w x 1.75"deep

Green Dish Soap Bottle Vase- 9"h x 3"w x 1.25"deep

Ocean Blue Yogurt Bottle Vases- 6.5"h x 2"d




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