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These Themis mobiles  features a juxtaposition of neon and muted colors, and well... that's good enough for us.   These are for  little ones who like shapes and colors, as well as adults who like shapes and colors.  Themis  mobiles are for all ages.  They are made from thick paper stock (think thin cardboard) and there is a little bit of assembly to get your mobiles and looking good.   Themis Mobiles are designed by Swedish Born Clara Von Zweigbergk.  These Mobiles are basically geometric decor objects that hang nicely.

Themis has 5 faceted ornaments, and Themis Trio has three faceted objects.  These can be hung a couple different ways, traditional mobile style, or a hung bunched kind of way (see photos).  We hope you like to hang out with Themis... They like to hang out with you!

Themis- L 16 in, W 16 in, H 17 in L  (5 hanging pieces)

Themis Trio- H 24.0 in x W 24.0 in (3 hanging larger pieces)



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